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Firebug: FireEyes & AMP Tool Bar


From: Bill Tipton (ML)
Date: May 3, 2014 11:33AM

Does anyone have FireEyes and the AMP Tool bar configured in Firebug?

My question/Problem:

After configuring FireEyes I am no longer able to press the context key in Firebug and choose the Inspect in AMP option.

Note: I press the context key from Firebug under the html tab with my curser positioned in the DOM tree with the html element open I
want to inspect.

I now only see the options below after using the context key.

. Scroll into View

. Copy HTML

. Copy Inner HTML

. Copy XPath

. Copy CSS Path

. Paste HTML Sub Menu

I do not find Inspect in AMP in the above Sub Menu.

Do you know how I can get the option to Inspect in AMP back when I use the context key, preferably keeping FireEyes configured?

My configuration I am using is: Firefox 28, the latest versions of Firebug, FireEyes and the AMP Tool Bar and Windows 7 Pro.

Thank you.

Bill Tipton