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Re: WAVE 3.0 alpha


From: Ineke van der Maat
Date: Dec 13, 2002 8:55PM

Hello Terence,

You wrote:
My comments were motivated by the web page
> http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net/ which has a claimed W3C WAI
> Triple-A accessibility compliance. Triple-A compliance
> includes a number of guidelines that help out legacy and
> older special access technology

Speaking about older browsers or browsers that can not handle
javascript, the site http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net has one page with a
real table for the stagedates and also a mouse-over with javascript. See
http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net/datenband/spektakel/ For that page I
have an alternate page without the mouse-over and javascript and the
stagedates are in a list as I saw that in the site
http://www.accessibility.nl the browser Snoop showed all the stagedates
in the table as one long sentence that was not readable. See
http://www.hoehnermusikfan.net/datenband/spektakel/spektakelalt/ .

The site is not finished at all and still can be made more accessible
as it is now. So I am thinking about Jukkas remark that the alt text of
the imput submit button could be better as also the text next to the
image. When I find a better one, I will replace them. So I have to
reread all the texts and make them better and actualize them. The site
has AAA conformance does not say the site cannot improved anymore. I am
always working to get all my sites still better.

Ineke van der Maat

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