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Re: High Contrast Mode in Windows on Fire Fox


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: May 23, 2014 2:21PM

Interestingly Adobe Reader does the same thing with documents - the controls for reader are displayed in high contrast and the displayed document is left the same as the original. More fodder for the folks who find PDF accessibility less than sufficient. And more fuel for me to continue insist that we publish all of our critical program information in HTML.

Michael, this statement isn't exactly accurate. Reader gives the user choices. In the preferences for Reader and Acrobat you can choose how reader responds to high-contrast mode. If you select "replace document colors" you can set it to match the Windows color scheme, or you can choose a different color combination. If you choose the windows color scheme and then set the windows high contrast setting, you'll notice a difference in the PDF document content also.

For that matter, in Firefox there is a setting in the "content" tab that allows you to adjust the colors for the content, and there is a checkbox that reads "use system colors". When checked you set the experience that I think you are probably expecting.

Hope this helps,