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Advice needed


From: Greg Wocher
Date: May 26, 2014 11:33AM

Hello everyone,
First off I want to apologize for this rather lengthy e-mail with a
vague subject line but I did not know where else to get advice. I will
be graduating college at the end of June and my ceremony will be in
July. I am getting a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems
specializing in Web Development and Administration. I am 38 years old
and I am also a single father. In one of my final classes I am being
asked to do research on companies I would like to work for. What I am
wanting to do is to turn my degree into first testing web sites and web
applications for accessibility so I can get exposure to things like the
WCAG on a professional level. I eventually want to start doing
development work, helping to create accessible websites and web
applications. What would be a good way to research companies that do
this kind of work? There are some other factors at the moment that make
it necessary for me to work at home if possible. It is not just
important anymore for websites and web applications to be accessible it
is becoming a necessity since so many services are going online. Thank
you for reading this long e-mail of mine.

Greg Wocher

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