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Opera 7 beta2, even more help to check accessibility


From: Timothy Luoma
Date: Dec 20, 2002 2:28PM

Opera 7 beta 2 is another big step forward for those interested in checking
their pages for accessibility.

Opera 7 introduces a "Links" panel in the "Hotlist" (Press F4) which lists
all the links in a given page. It supports the TITLE element for these
links. Very handy for checking to see if your links make sense when read
out of context (or for using sites that have turned off underlining of
links without enough contrast to see where links are.

Alternate Stylesheets are also supported.

Oepra 7 beta 2 comes with several user stylesheets built in, many of which
are helpful for accessibility:

Emulate Text Browser
Disable Tables
Accessibility layout
High Contrast (white on black or black on white)

And one very cool one called "Show Structural Elements" which counts Font
tags and Nested Tables in addition to giving you a nice view of the layout
of the document. (Checkout http://microsoft.com/ in that one!)

One minor regression (remember it IS beta software) is that the Screen
Reader Compatible Menus option is not currently working, but Opera is aware
of this flaw.

On the other hand, Opera has made it much easier for users to customize the
User Interface of Opera, including reconfiguring menus and adding your own
keyboard shortcuts, thus making it easier for people to compensate for any
difficulties they might have using the default UI.

If you would like to check it out, visit http://www.opera.com


Timothy Luoma < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
30 Days to Becoming an Opera (6) Lover
(an Opera7 version will follow once it is officially released)

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