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Re: Screen reader indications of underlined or strike-through text


From: Whitney Quesenbery
Date: Jun 17, 2014 5:35PM

This is legal document markup? Hideous stuff for anyone to read.

Could someone who is more of a Word maven write a script or macro to turn
word Underline and Strikeover into <del> and <ins>?

I ask because it's my bet that the HTML is straight from a Word document,
and if you can't make the transformation accurately repeatable, you won't
be able to use it because it will add to the process of vetting the markup.

To Lucy: standards, standards, standards. This doesn't sound like something
that should be tailored for a specific brand of screen reader. But I'd be
tempted to include a "how to" note to tell sr users how to set up their AT


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> Witch screen reader are your students using
> Each one does it a little differently
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Screen reader indications of underlined or
> strike-through text
> Greetings,
> We've come across an interesting issue regarding how screen readers
> indicate underlined or strike-through text on a web page. In the context
> (legal documentation), this kind of information is vital to the user so
> they can tell what text has been removed (strike-through) and what text
> has been added (underline). From what we can tell, aside from hard coding
> this information into the site, it is our understanding that you can
> typically change a setting in your screen reader to have it indicate
> "begin underline" and "end underline" at the beginning and end of a
> section of underlined (or strike-through) text. Does anyone know if there
> are also settings for changing the pitch or volume to indicate such or
> would that be too confusing with pitch changes for upper-case and
> lower-case letters and words?
> Otherwise, does anyone know of any different ways to provide this type of
> indication? Any insight or suggestions are welcome!
> Thank you!
> Dana Douglas
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