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Resize Text - rem with a px fallback


From: Alistair Duggin
Date: Jun 25, 2014 4:26AM


I’m working on a responsive website and to set the size of the fonts we are using rem with a fallback in px.

This means that all modern browsers (including IE 9 and above) are able to resize the fonts (to more than 200%). However, users of Internet explorer 6, 7 and 8 will not be able to resize the fonts.

I’m wondering if text not being resizable in some legacy browsers would result in a WCAG 2 fail. Changing the fallback from px to em will involve a considerable amount of development time to fix due to the font size compounding issues with em - and will also result in a messy and harder to maintain codebase. Is using rem with a px fallback an acceptable/accessible implementation?

Here’s an article with information about the approach we have taken:

This is the website I work on:

Alistair Duggin