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JavaScript and WCAG 2.0


From: Gian Wild
Date: Aug 27, 2014 8:15PM

You might also want to read our JavaScript Accessibility Factsheet
<http://wiki.accessibilityoz.com.au/doku.php/checklists/javascript/start>; (
http://wiki.accessibilityoz.com.au/doku.php/checklists/javascript/start) -
written by James Edwards (brothercake). It has some useful demos


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On 16 July 2014 23:41, Patrick H. Lauke < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> On 16/07/2014 14:30, Liko, Todd wrote:
>> I guess I lean more to the aggressive side. I do understand what you are
>> saying and it does make sense to me when interpreting WCAG 2.0 in that way.
>> I also understand that there will always be barriers for some users, but I
>> do not think we should be creating those barriers. I am not comfortable
>> with telling a user that because they are using a browser or assistive
>> technology that does not support JavaScript, for example, that they cannot
>> obtain the information.
> Then of course you're free to make your website/app work perfectly fine
> without JavaScript. Realistically, though, a large number of sites that are
> more complex than simple static pieces of information of workflows that can
> be broken into a few simple server-side forms will struggle to meet (or
> simply ignore) guidelines that require a no-scripting version to be present
> (see for instance WCAG 1.0).
> I use the example of someone using a public computer at a public library
>> and the computer has JavaScript disabled or outdated browsers and/or
>> assistive technologies. The user may not be able to access the information.
> Arguably, that's then a failing of the public library to have an adequate
> provision for users with disabilities. And the way the majority of
> mainstream websites are built nowadays, having browsers with JS turned off
> will make these computers practically unusable for even the most basic and
> common sites (social media, news, etc).
> IMHO, of course :)
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