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Re: Another FORM element problem


From: Carol Foster
Date: Jan 14, 2003 8:24AM

There is a fairly obscure way to do multiple selects with a keyboard, at
least in Internet Explorer:

Press SHIFT+F8. Then use up and down arrow keys to move between choices and
use the SPACEBAR to select/de-select individual items.

I found this hidden in the JAWS context-sensitive help a while back. This
is so obscure, though, that I agree that checkboxes would be a better


Terence de Giere wrote:

> Another form element also appears to have a keyboard input problem. The
> form element SELECT (which creates a drop-down list or selection box),
> has an attribute MULTIPLE which allows multiple selections from the
> list. This is normally done with the keyboard (on Windows) by holding
> down the Ctrl key and selecting the multiple items on the list using a
> mouse. This is not possible with the keyboard alone, and different
> browsers responded differently to keystrokes in my attempts to find a
> way to make multiple selections. It is possible to make adjacent
> selections using the Shift key on graphical browsers, but not
> non-adjacent selections, so this control is not good for accessibility
> if it has multiple selections. I think it should be replaced using a
> group of checkboxes if multiple choices are required.
> A select box has a usability value for normal users in that a range of
> selections can take up very little space in a graphical interface when
> space is at a premium, but that does not make any difference if you
> cannot see the page.
> Terence de Giere
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