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Re: graphic slices


From: Big John
Date: Jan 21, 2003 11:26AM

Mark Rew wrote:
> The concern I have with an all graphics site is that any text information
> that is displayed with graphics have an alt tag with the corresponding
> information. I'm also concern with the effect on slower connections such as
> users connecting to an Internet provider via modem.

Hear hear! My connection is quite slow, and sliced graphics sites
tend to be excruciatingly slow loads. Add in alot of JS, and steam
starts coming out my ears.

> Another thought is that the separation between structure, content, and
> presentation is lost. It improves navigation to use standard structure
> elements as heading tags, paragraph, list, etc. Many screen readers can
> jump to the beginning and end of such structures as lists, tables, and
> paragraphs. Or provide a list of headings that the user can jump to.
> All of these features make navigating a web page with a screen
> reader easier.

Besides all that, slices make it danged hard to alter the layout
once it's set in cells. CSS positioning allows one to break out
of the 'cell block', and create most visual structures efficiently
via the rendering engine, rather than thru images. Images can still
be strategically placed to enhance the design, without balloning
the load time too much. Check out this 'simple' layout, using only
one structural image:


It's got some very advanced css in the nav. I know, it should
be a list, but that causes some buggyness in one or two very
popular browsers. However, there's NO JS in the page, and
design flexes very well from 640x480 on up, and allows text
resize too.
Big John

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