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Open invitation for article submissions


From: Ian Lloyd (Accessify.com)
Date: Jan 24, 2003 6:44AM

Since starting Accessify.com, I've had lots of great
feedback about the tools and wizards on the site,
people love the daily news updates and the tutorials
are popular. However, there are not enough of them
(articles, not comments!) ...

This is an open invitation to any people who regularly
lurk/post in this discussion list to contribute an
article/tutorial for Accessify, if you would like to
spread your influence.

Perhaps you have an article already written? Perhaps
some guidelines written for your place of work? Maybe
you just want to sound off about something that's
bugging you?

I'm afraid I cannot offer any payment for an article -
you will naturally be able to put a small biography at
the end of the article which links back to you,

In addition, if anyone would be interested in
contributing to the 'daily' news page (aka the home
page), please drop me a line. It's Blogger-based and
easy to update.

Please do take a look at the site - I really want to
open it up such that people *strive* to get an article
published on Accessify, in the same way that
developers might want to be featured in Webmonkey or
Evolt, but for this I need some volunteers.

Article submission page is here:


Submission Guidelines are here:


Interested? I hope so!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

====Ian Lloyd
Accessify, vb, "to make accessible"

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