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Tabindex and radio buttons


From: Susan Bignell
Date: Jan 27, 2003 11:51AM


I'm having trouble getting tabindex to work with a set of radio
buttons (simple yes/no). The tab passes over the radio button
whose value is set at "1".

Does anybody have a best practices they can share? I haven't
found any examples/tutorials that show the solution to this
problem. I have tried reversing the tabindex order and removing
"checked", but to no avail. Here is how I've written it, in case
that's of use to see any error:

<legend>Use a signature?</legend>
<label for "no">No</label><INPUT TYPE="radio"
NAME="UseSig" id="no" VALUE="0" CHECKED TABINDEX="6">
<label for "yes">Yes</label><INPUT TYPE="radio"
NAME="UseSig" id="yes" VALUE="1" TABINDEX="7"></fieldset>

Many thanks in advance,

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