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Re: PDFs and Smartphones-A Match Not Made in Heaven?


From: Marco Zehe
Date: Nov 28, 2014 4:54AM

Hi all,

my experience is that, aside from Adobe Reader on Windows plus
supporting screen readers, PDF tags or whatever it's called nowadays
isn't supported by anyone. Even apps such as Voice Dream Reader do not,
as far as I know, expose PDF tag information. And neither does Adobe
Reader for iOS. The Mac version of that isn't even VoiceOver accessible
at all.

On Android, according to my limited testing, the situation is just as


On 28.11.2014 09:31, Gijs Veyfeyken wrote:
> Apple doesn't support PDF tags.
> All the structural information in tags (tables, headings, lists, alt-texts, etcetera) is lost for VoiceOver users.
> Not only in iOS but also in Mac OS.
> http://duff-johnson.com/2013/03/01/inaccessible-by-choice-pdf-on-macos
> Gijs
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>> 1. PDFs and Smartphones-A Match Not Made in Heaven? (L Snider)
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>> Date: 26 Nov 2014 20:37:08 CET
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>> Subject: [WebAIM] PDFs and Smartphones-A Match Not Made in Heaven?
>> HI Everyone,
>> My last discussion got me thinking about PDFs, iphones and android phones.
>> I can make a pretty accessible PDF (using a pretty accessible Word doc).
>> However, I am now researching PDFs and smartphones, which don't seem that
>> smart now...
>> I have read about apps that might help with 'reading' the PDF, but in the
>> end are PDFs doomed? What if one needs to use a PDF that has tables, etc.
>> for a specific use, ie: a handbook that does not lend itself to html?
>> I can still produce my lovely pretty accessible PDF, but if a mobile user
>> who has VoiceOver reads it, then they rely on reading order alone for the
>> most part? Would love to hear what all of you think and what you are doing
>> with your PDFs.
>> Cheers
>> Lisa
>> PS-Two articles were of particular interest:
>> I found a couple of articles that peaked my interest:
>> http://webguide.gov.au/accessibility-usability/accessibility/pdf-accessibility/
>> https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/2013/09/06/pdf-accessibility-on-mobile-devices/
>> >> >> > > >