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Re: reCAPTCHA replacement


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Dec 5, 2014 2:36AM

On 04/12/2014 15:14, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> Strangely, I've had quite a few issues when I tried it...now maybe it's
> due to my inexperience with some of the finer points of NVDA and JAWS,
> but - testing on a similar page http://patrickhlauke.github.io/recaptcha
> with IE and Firefox - I got all sorts of weirdness - not being able to
> actually navigate into the iframe, always being flagged for traditional
> CAPTCHA reverification in IE/JAWS, having the "refresh", "audio captcha"
> etc buttons not actually being activatable in, I seem to remember,
> IE/NVDA. In short, seems a bit hit and miss at the moment...

For what it's worth, I made a few videos of my immediate experiences...

* Google reCAPTCHA - Win8.1, NVDA, Firefox and IE11


- can't seem to TAB forward into the iframe. after the "reCAPTCHA" link,
focus gets set to the iframe, but nothing is announced, and there's no
way to somehow jump into the iframe (unless explicitly using "m" key to
navigate between frames in NVDA)
- reverse-tabbing from the bottom of the document works, most of the time.
- in most cases, I get the additional/traditional visual/audio CAPTCHA
- toggling the info button visually opens a short info panel, but this
is not announced and can't seem to navigate to it
- can actually navigate back out of the additional CAPTCHA dialog
- error message about having entered a wrong CAPTCHA is not

- again, can't TAB forward into the iframe. reverse-tabbing seems to
work most of the time
- manage to set focus on the faked checkbox, but for some reason can't
seem to activate it - SPACE/ENTER have no effect (attempted a refresh,
but result still the same)

* Google reCAPTCHA - Win8.1, JAWS16, Firefox


- tabbing forward into the iframe does work (compared to NVDA)
- once the additional CAPTCHA challenge is shown, focus is set on the
"Type the text" input, but nothing is announced
- info button opens the info panel, but again this is not announced and
doesn't seem to be easily reachable
- can tab in/out of the additional CAPTCHA dialog

* Google reCAPTCHA - Win8.1, JAWS16, IE11


- the iframe is announced with its non-human-readable identifier
("i0_141732035585 frame")
- once additional CAPTCHA opens, the non-humand readable iframe
identifier is announced twice more, then focus is set on the text entry
input. again, no indication is given
- error message not announced
- moving focus to the refresh, audio challenge, info button, verify
button and hitting SPACE/ENTER has no effect most of the time (though it
seems hitting both quickly sometimes does trigger the buttons)
(after this, JAWS locked up, and IE gracefully crashed a few seconds later)

Sometimes, for no reproducible reason, browsers/AT combinations behaved
subtly differently...but overall there still are quite a few
incompatibilities (at least for me) here. Sure, better than the previous
reCAPTCHA, but potentially still a problem for certain users...

Patrick H. Lauke

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