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Re: FW: You Tube video


From: Jonathan H
Date: Dec 5, 2014 2:59PM

The video mentioned in the original post is now marked as "This video
is private", but I was very intrigued by http://youdescribe.org/ -
seems like a great idea in theory, but there's no kind of rating or
categorisation, and I've just spent 15 minutes wading through what is
90% unlistenable crap to be honest! However, the remaining 10% is
really good almost broadcast-quality AD - if there was quality control
and categorisation and some kind of rating system, it would be a
fantastic project. Without that, I fear it might end up like Librivox,
which has become little croutons of quality reading floating around in
a soup made largely of 12 year olds with $2 headsets and limited
reading ability.