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Re: Creating Accessible Websites with ASP.NET


From: Tom Gilder
Date: Jan 31, 2003 11:11AM

On Friday, January 31, 2003, 5:42:02 PM, Gonzalez, Mario wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone is using .NET to create accessible websites.
> Microsoft has some documentation about how to add accessibility features to
> the pages you create but there are times when we're using server side
> objects so ASP.NET controls the html generated.

There is a lot of complete rubbish coming out of Microsoft about
ASP.NET. I would strongly recommend never, ever using the built-in Web
forms or controls - they create poor, invalid and inaccessible HTML.

I've often heard MS say that ASP.NET is designed "to work in all
browsers", and yet a lot of it requires JS to do anything.

Take the asp:calendar control for instance - it generates a table full
of JavaScript pseudo-protocol links, which all post back to the server
(which is silly in itself - if you're requiring JS to be enabled, why
the hell do all the processing on the sever?).

If you stick to generating the HTML yourself and treating it more like
ASP 3, then from what I have seen it is fine. Otherwise, be very wary
of JS links being generated, and always view-source.

Tom Gilder

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