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Re: Transcript vs. Caption


From: John Foliot
Date: Dec 18, 2014 3:07PM

Whoops, I've been sleeping at the switch.

It seems that providing a time-stamped text file for 'descriptions' has
already been added to Techniques:

That said however, I'm not sure if that is a workable solution today - it
meets the technical requirement, but I'm not sure it can actually be
actuated successfully - is anyone aware of a working example? (I'm not, but
would love to see one.)

"The user agent makes the cues available to the user in a non-visual
fashion, for instance, by synthesizing them into speech."

Missing in the equation is a) where the description is rendered, and b) the
"handoff" to a TTS engine for non-sighted users. It seems kind of pointless
to provide a text description of what is happening on-screen and not have
the intended audience be able to access that information...