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Re: Inaccessible mega menu and WCAG2


From: Ryan E. Benson
Date: Jan 19, 2015 12:50PM

>5) when a menu is open, escape will always close the submenu

I didn't read your instructions, but it took me about a minute to figure
this out, because i wasn't trying. In my experience, a lot of people who
use the keyboard, don't attempt to use the escape key. That being said, I
was happy the menu automatically closed after a second when focus moved
from the menu

Ryan E. Benson

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 8:48 AM, Andrew Kirkpatrick < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> So, the way that the mega menu (
> http://adobe-accessibility.github.io/Accessible-Mega-Menu/) was designed:
> 1) tabbing to the menu does not open the submenu, but focuses the first
> menu heading.
> 2) tabbing when the menu is closed moves the focus to the next menu
> heading (this was a heavily debated topic - the other option is to have one
> tab stop for the entire menu system when closed).
> 3) when focus is on a menu heading, hitting down arrow or enter will open
> the menu.
> 4) when focus is on a menu heading left and right arrows will move the
> focus between menu headings
> 5) when a menu is open, escape will always close the submenu
> 6) when the submenu is open and focus is on the menu heading, the example
> implementation takes the user to a page containing links to the submenu
> items when you click on that link. This can be easily modified.
> 7) when a menu is open the user can move between menu items with tab or
> arrows, including left/right arrows
> 8) to tab past the menu system the user either needs to tab through the
> menu options until they reach the end, or close the submenu that is open
> and tab past the smaller number of menu headings into the content).
> I do agree that even if the menus are in view that users don't need to be
> able to tab through all of the submenu links, but there does need to be a
> keyboard accessible way to access all of the submenu items. If a menu
> system is set up to enable arrow keys to access the items, then that should
> be fine.
> Our example is surely not the only way, nor is it perfect, and depending
> on the specific menu system needed for the content it may or may not meet
> the needs of the site. However, we put it on GitHub as an example for
> people to look at, discuss, learn from, and if they choose, to fork and use
> for their own purposes (in keeping with the terms of the license, etc, etc).
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> On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 04:02:59PM +0000, Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:
> > The decision to not make the submenu appear on focus is deliberate and
> is designed to same keyboard users the trouble of needing to tab through
> many additional links.
> Showing submenus visibly on focus does *not* require the keyboarder to tab
> through all the submenu links, if the menu is built properly.
> The advantage of showing submenus on focus is, as the other reply has
> said, the user knows they exist. Having another separate functionality like
> a separate "activate" button as proposed earlier has the disadvantage that
> users never discover it, or get confused.
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