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Re: Info widgets with role="dialog"


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Jan 21, 2015 12:39PM

Sorry Bryan, bad wording on my part there.
Yes, myself, Bryan and others are hard at work revising the ARIA
authoring guidelines, so comments such as those made here will surely
make their way into those discussions and that process, so people's
feedback and concerns are always welcome and duely noted.
Jared, I totally see what you are saying, generally putting focus on
an html element that has no interactive functionality is confusing and
can do more harm than good.
To some extent, we should be more aggressive about help teaching users
how to switch between modes in screen readers that offer that
Also make sure that screen readers that operate this way actually
switch to browse mode when focus lands on an element with role
document, .. not always the case today.


On 1/21/15, Bryan Garaventa < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> There's an important note that I need to make, that describing the Authoring
> Guide at
> http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria-practices/
> as an "ARIA authoring spec" is actually incorrect, since this is not a spec,
> but just a best practices guide that we are in the
> process of re-editing for better clarity and more comprehensive usage
> patterns. None of the patterns listed there are spec
> requirements, and some have open bugs against them that we are currently
> addressing.
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> Birkir R. Gunnarsson wrote:
>> The ARIA authoring spec recommends role="document" on static text as
>> well as tabindex="0" to make sure infomration stays in focus order
> Interesting. I'm not quite sure I agree with the suggestion that a simple
> message dialog be given the dialog role and the message
> itself role=document and tabindex=0. It seems much easier and more intuitive
> to simply NOT give the pop-up role="dialog" and allow
> the natural reading process of the screenreader to access the text message.
> Of course doing has the possibility that the user would hit Tab and bypass
> the message altogether. On the other hand, using
> role="dialog"
> and tabindex has the potential for confusion because of the intermingling of
> the focusable message that isn't interactive and other
> application elements that are.
> Either approach has disadvantages and potential for confusion. Without user
> data, I think I must (rather reluctantly) favor the
> documented recommendations in the spec - role=dialog for all pop-ups and
> role=document and tabindex on all non-application stuff
> within them.
> Jared
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