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Re: Accessible Excel spreadsheet


From: Wee, Kim (MNIT)
Date: Jan 27, 2015 7:23AM

Thank you - setting the verbosity settings in Excel corrected the issue.

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I had issues with this, and with some help discovered that the culprit was a Jaws verbosity setting for Excel.
If you go into Jaws verbosity settings for Excel (e.g. by pressing JawsKey-V from an Excel window), type "name" into the search box.
Make sure the override name setting that shows up (the only search
result) is set to "off", not "on".
This totally fixed it for me.
I am checking with FS to see why this setting was set to "off" by default, because it very much messes with their own help topic on the subject where they describe how named regions work.

On 1/26/15, Allayne Woodford < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hello Kim,
> I have only used the Title Region function a few times in the past
> with JAWS
> 15 but have recently upgraded to JAWS 16. I just did a test on a few
> spreadsheets and found that it will read out either a heading row or
> column but not both. Whether row or column is selected first while
> holding down the control key seems to determine which of the two
> heading information is read out when a TitleRegion name is created.
> It doesn't solve your problem but this is my experience with Title
> Region and JAWS 16.
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Fwd: Accessible Excel spreadsheet
> Over a year ago, I created some instructions on how to create an
> accessible Excel spreadsheet.
> One of the advanced steps is to Define the Title Region. This step
> worked most of the time, with JAWS 13, in having the screen reader
> announce the row and/or column header. However, with JAWS 16, this
> doesn't seem to work anymore and I can't find any information on the
> web when searching for the issue.
> Would anyone have any instructions or advice to share on this issue? I
> want to make sure we are creating the most useable Excel documents we
> possibly can.
> Thank you.
> Kim Wee | Webmaster and accessibility coordinator MN.IT Services @
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