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Re: keyboard accessibility


From: Angela French
Date: Jan 29, 2015 11:43AM

I'm a sighted user and just wondering how keyboard-only users navigate through a page.
Here is the page that raised the question: http://www.governor.wa.gov/ . Is there a way to tab into the sub menus that are exposed when mousing over the top nav items?

Also, there are blocks of content on the page and each has its own heading. However, if I tabbed to get to the Twitter block of content, how do I easily get out of it if I'm a keyboard only user? I wouldn't want to have to tab through every tweet to move onto the next block which contains the Facebook posts.

Are there any resources you might refer me to to learn more about how keyboard-only users interact with pages?

Angela French

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Not as far as I know...this is one of the misconceptions about how we move through content. We only Tab through links and form controls and use regular reading commands for other elements.

If you are using JAWS you can use H to move to the next heading and Shift + H to move to the previous heading or use JawsKey F6 to get a list of headings. NVDA should have similar keyboard commands.

You might be able to "Tab" through heading that are also links, but it would be the "links" you are tabbing to...the fact that it is a heading is incidental.

Cheers, Karen

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> Can anyone tell me please, if there is a way to tab between headings on a web page? I'm not finding anything in my Google searches about this.
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