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Re: It's Official - New Sec. 508 is out


From: Greg Gamble
Date: Feb 20, 2015 4:37PM

I'd be real careful about this one. When working with standards you want them written in concrete ... you don't want to read it one week and then find out it's different the next week. I've dealt with standards in the machining industry, and standards that are even the least bit open to discussion are trouble waiting to happen. Imagine the PDF standard being updated only to find it breaks current layouts ... better to lock down to what is current and works, then to open up to something unknown. JMO


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Another recommendation that I was considering would be to alter the nomencalture to allow for advances in technology. For example, they specifically call out WCAG 2.0 or PDF/UA-1 rather than use a generic identifier such as, "the current Recommendation" or "the latest version."
By the time this law gets written into the FAR, we might actually have an update to the current PDF 1.7 specification which could change the needs and capabilities of ISO 14289.
What are other thoughts on this? Is my idea a bad one? What other things are there?

Jon Metz