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Re: online accessibility and privacy


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Feb 27, 2015 6:51AM

A couple of thoughts (all I can muster on a Friday morning before coffee):
This does not so much relate to computers, but more to any ATMs or
self-service terminals, to some degree to phones perhaps. Any system
designed for customer interaction with added speech must offer
headphone jacks. I ahve heard of older talking ATMs that would not
offer this, you really do not want the world to see your transactions,
especially financial ones.

Thumbs up for the iPhone screen curtain, you want to make sure that if
you conduct any transactions on your phone, that the world does not
get a glimpse of your screen. When you type using a software braille
keyboard you turn the phone display away from you (if not on a
tabletop), and therefore this is important. I do not think Android
still offers this, which is a drawback.

Some countries and system offer external security keys (devices taht
generate unique codes which you must use every time you log in).
Frequently these systems come with no speech options. It is important
that this be changed, either by creating units with speech, or offer
alternatives such as generating codes and sending as text to
registered phone numbers or email addresses.

web accessibility concerns in the field are not so much directly
related to security but more about exclusions.
CAPTCHAs need to be designed to offer alternative to images.

Frequently any pattern that matches SSNs, credit card numbers or other
sensitive data is obfiscated on screens, we need to make sure that you
can unhide it using the keyboard, not only with the mouse.

Some sites offer password strength indicators to help users create
safe or strong passwords. These are usually graphical bars that fill
in as user adds more security, or star graphics that indicate strength
of password.
It is important that this info be made accessible.

Security is important, but it must be implemented in such a way as to
not exclude users with disabilities.

On 2/27/15, Terzian, Sharon < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> Hi, another question (and thank you for answering and indulging me)
> Do any of you have concerns about your privacy or information being 'out
> there', or feeling less secure because of any extra features or software
> that you use?
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