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repetitive alt tag question


From: Mike Warner
Date: Mar 27, 2015 2:43PM

Hi all,

I'm re-assessing our proprietary course system for accessiblity, and, while
there is only one red flag, there are a handful of yellow flags, as per the
WAVE browser extension. I can't do anything about the red flag for the
moment, but that particular item will be gone in a month or so.

In our courses, there are icons next to the assignment titles in the
navigation list to indicate whether the assignment has been completed.
These are checkmarks that replace the icon used for an incomplete
assignment. The alt text for all of them is, "This assignment has been
completed." We haven't had any complaints from students using assistive
tech, but WAVE complains about having that many images with the same alt
text so close together.

Should I worry about that? Since the idea is to convey completion status
to the non-sighted, I don't want to say something different each time and
make it confusing.


Mike Warner
Director of IT Services
MindEdge, Inc.