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Re: Name, Role, Value and Labels or Instructions techniques...


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Mar 29, 2015 7:00PM

Based on this I would call a 3.3.2 for sure.
There are formatting instructions which need to be associated with the
form field, either using label, aria-describedby, title or
I would also call the fact that the title equivalent for screen
readers does not mention 'social security' number , just 'number', if
you copied this wor d for word.
I would finally include the 1.3.1 best practice mention. There is no
reason why the visible label present on screen is not associated with
the input field to ensure that the same information is presented to
all users.
I would not call 4.1.2, at a glance, because the field has an
accessible name, albeit an inaccurate one.

On 3/29/15, Sean Keegan < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Yes, they may not be using actual <label> elements, but does
>> their current markup still provide a name to those controls?
> Good question and I realized that I neglected to include an example of what
> I was encountering. Here is one sample in which label is not used:
> a) The on-screen text says "Social Security Number" and under that text
> input field there is a sample as to how the social security number should
> be formatted (###-##-####).
> b) The title attribute in the input field says, "Please enter your number
> in the described format. To change this information after completing the
> application, please check under the Settings. If you do not include this
> information, you will not be able to submit for financial aid."
> Because there was such a disassociation between the on-screen text and
> @title, I believed this would be a 3.3.2 issue as well as 4.1.2. I should
> have also reviewed 1.3.1 (thanks, Birkir, I completely bypassed that one).
> So, there is @title, it just is not equating to the on-screen text, thus I
> saw this as failing 4.1.2. I agree that @title could be used, but to be
> conformant it would need to have the social security number and formatting
> information - yes?
> Admittedly, I have a slight bias towards using <label> for form fields as
> this provides options for someone using speech-recognition, so I need to
> get over my issues with @title when it's used properly.
> Thanks all for the reference to the accessible name calculation - that's a
> great help.
> Take care,
> Sean
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