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Re: Accessible datepicker?


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Apr 22, 2015 1:50PM

Hello, all:

With the caveat that these are bookmarks I happen to have around, but
that I haven't tested them, I'll paste a few links below my name, in
case they may offer ideas.

While I agree with you, Paul, that testing with two or three screen
reader browser combos is ideal, not everybody has the time,
knowledge, or resources to do that.

Unfortunately, support for ARIA varies more than any of us wish it did.

Your advice is spot on, Paul, if we lived in an ideal worldd, or even
better would be that AT and browsers would catch up so that expertise
and so much testing were no longer required.

I would say that the folks in Canada tend to have done pretty
rigorous work on their platform, so it should be a good model.

See links below my name for additional ideas.



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