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Re: ARIA for main navigation bar


From: Gijs Veyfeyken
Date: Apr 24, 2015 2:08AM

I think ARIA role="menu" and "menuitem are primarily intended for webapplication menu's, similar to desktop software (file - edit - view - window - help).
For actions, not for navigation.
From what I understand, you're building a simple dropdown navigation menu for a website.
I'd recommend keeping things as simple as possible. Aria role menu makes it more complicating and confusing.
It also prevents submenu items from showing up in a screenreader link list.

Here's a simple and accessible example based on bootstrap and Derek Featherstone's dropdown menu:
https://github.com/AnySurfer/dropdown <https://github.com/AnySurfer/dropdown>

Nice to hear bootstrap is downsizing it's use of ARIA.
If ARIA was sold in a box, it should be labeled with "use with caution".

Kind regards,


Gijs Veyfeyken
AnySurfer - towards an accessible internet
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Brussels - Belgium