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Re: Quick Response Needed - DL or UL?


From: John Hicks
Date: Apr 24, 2015 10:22AM

Hello all

I am wondering in what circumstances a "heading structure" would be an
appropriate replacement for a list (especially a definition list). I have
the opposite problem at the moment with a client who used a DL to implement
what should have been a list with a header (an H2 for the list and then a
plain UL), ... they used a DL with DD for the header and then a nested UL
in the DT ... they did this for the site-map , which is on the bottom of
every page.

This all made me think of a list with two items, you might have seen before:



2015-04-23 23:50 GMT+02:00 < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> - beth.mejsullivan@
> 23.04.2015, 22:11, "MEJ - Beth Sullivan" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have a situation where the data warrants a DL, but I have heard DL, DD,
> > DT's aren't the happiest for screen reader? What are your thoughts? ULs
> > better?
> Seems (asking an expert sitting next to me - thanks LĂ©onie) that screen
> readers don't do anything useful with the semantics. On the other hand,
> visually they work better, clarifying what is happening.
> Assuming you don't want to use a heading structure instead - and it may
> well be overkill for your situation, effectively needing extra styling
> work, etc. - it would still make sense to use a DL - there doesn't seem to
> be a harmful impact.
> But filing a bug against screen readers also seems useful.
> cheers
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