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RE: "somebody needs to blink first"


From: Kevin Spruill
Date: Feb 21, 2003 10:41AM

>>>However, I am personally of the opinion that if more developers stopped supporting
>>>non-compliant browsers they would disappear from the market place at an even
>>>faster rate. Somebody needs to blink first, and so I will...

I so wish I could agree with that (since I agree with most of the rest of your commentary during this thread)... but consider the educational institutions, non-profits, and sheer numbers of economically disadvantaged who may not have the option of switching to a newer browser? I often find myself in the ironic position of saying that we can't just forsake users of NS4x when scoping requirements for a lot of our govt. projects for those reasons... as much as I'd like to not have to deal with the vagaries of legacy browsers or older AT agents... it would be a massive disservice to the public to arbitrarily shut them out.

Of course, in private practice/business I'm more flexible - but even then, it's a matter of graceful degradation, versus concious disregard...

Just my $.02 - since this whole thread wandered into the realm of philosophy (I use the term loosely) rather than pratical coding... :)


Kevin Spruill
National Library of Medicine
(301) 402-9708
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