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Re: selecting ARIA Tabs and Windows screen readers


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: May 25, 2015 4:40PM


When I said I was "done," I really meant it. So, I'm afraid I can't
do anything more on this.

This was a very quick test for someone else -- sighted help no longer
available as the person's on the road for the next ten days. and by
the time the road trip's over, the UI may have changed.

This isn't my project, and it's not public.

Thanks for the quick help, though.


At 03:07 PM 5/25/2015, you wrote:
>Jennifer. I am curious. Can you get a visual keyboard only check on
>what happens when the keyboard only user (with no assistive
>technology) presses the arrow keys with focus on a tab? Does the tab
>content for the new tab load as soon as the arrow key is pressed, or
>does the user have to actually press enter to load the new content.
>Knowing this helps tounderstand the different implementation of Jaws
>and NVDA. Cheers

>On 5/25/15, Jennifer Sutton < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote: >
>Birkir: > > Thanks for your onlist response, and thanks to others
>who responded offlist. > > In the end, NVDA and JFW handled this
>two-tabbed (very simple ARIA > implementation) differently. > NVDA
>handled it as I would have expected i.e. hit enter on the tab, >
>NVDA reports it as selected, and arrowing up and down (or left
>and > right -- depending on how the tabs are positioned) changes
>the > selection. That's with FF 36 and NVDA 2015-1. > > I don't know
>whether there's a real bug in JFW, but since I'm using > 15, at the
>moment, and 16 is released, I'm going to have to call this > "done"
>on my end. > > I wasn't at liberty to post a test page here. > >
>Best, > Jennifer >