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Re: Am I understanding aria-relevant="removals" correctly?


From: _mallory
Date: May 29, 2015 12:46AM

On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 04:18:32PM -0400, Robert Fentress wrote:
> As best I can tell, the value of aria-atomic has exactly the opposite
> effect of what you would expect in normal English. One would expect (I
> would, anyway) that saying you wanted something to be atomic meant that you
> only wanted a part of it, because an atom is a tiny piece of something.

Actually, the word atom means "not-cuttable". Tomos, to slice, with the
negating "a" in front of it.
The word originally meant "the smallest unbreakable single unit", so
aria-atomic would mean "everything in this aria-atomic box is a single
unbreakable unit." Yeah, atoms were so named before we discovered
sub-atomic particles, meaning atoms are now poorly named. But hey,
starfish aren't fish either :P

Perhaps the spec writers expected authors to be familiar with database
theory (ACID) or similar.