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Re: Browser zooming sufficient for WCAG 1.4.4 (resize text)


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Jun 29, 2015 10:13AM

On 29/06/2015 16:20, Jonathan Avila wrote:
> Let's take an example, say I have breakpoints at 800px and 480px. I
> have a media query for 800px and greater and one for less than 800px
> but greater than or equal to 480px and one for less than 480.
> Say I change my window width to 555px -- I will get the media query
> for < 800 but >H0 and the text size will be whatever the author
> defined at that point no changes in device pixel ratio. The page will
> appear as intended for that media query even though I have an odd
> width.

It will appear as intended IF the design was made properly (fluidly).
Otherwise, you'll see the same issues of truncated content etc.

> On the other hand if I zoom using browser zoom my width changes and
> the device pixel ratio changes. So say I zoom in to approximately
> 555px. My device pixel ratio may have also changed -- say to 1.5.
> If the responsive site was not created using fluid techniques and
> instead was create with techniques that hide overflow and have max
> heights, etc. text could be truncated for the zoom user.

But if the site was not created using fluid techniques, then it will be
broken in exactly the same way in your first example of making the
browser window smaller to about 555px.

> In this case of Paciello Group's site the site was created with fluid
> designs and thus appear correctly with the device pixel ratio is
> increased but other sites do not work like it does.


> In my experience
> responsive sites tend to not get horizontal scrollbars with browser
> zoom like most non-responsive sites do If content is truncated you
> have to change your zoom level until you reach a breakpoint.

And again, changing the zoom level to reach a breakpoint is exactly the
same as changing your width without changing zoom level, so to me -
without seeing examples you have in mind - it sounds like those sites
would be broken in exactly the same way to users that do not require
zoom, but just happen to have different screen sizes/browser window widths.

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