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Kevin Miller - Accessibility testing, tools, and QUAIL | Acquia


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Jun 30, 2015 10:27AM


I'm passing along the following, in case it is of some interest to Drupalistas.

As a side note, given the growing number of rulesets in testing
tools, it'd sure be nice to see an unbiased comparison. I have my
doubts as to whether devs take/have the time to compare and deeply
understand which tool(s) they should choose/why.

I'm all for competition, but I'm even more in favor of transparency
regarding what automated accessibility testing *really* means,
especially for people who end up grasping at a "quick fix" (for
whatever reason, i.e. legal panic).

I commend those who are doing this, as much as they can, while
protecting their Intellectual Property. I know, of course, that some
of this is about having a competitive advantage.

Just tossing out the idea, in case a project like this is underway.

Again., I'm talking here more about the ruleset(s) than I am about
the UI. that's a whole other subject . . .

Kevin, if you're still on the WebAIM list (as you were quite a while
ago, if memory serves), apologies for the tangent, but I think it's important.


Kevin Miller - Accessibility testing, tools, and QUAIL | Acquia