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Re: Minimum Font-size and WCAG 2.0 AA


From: Moore,Michael (HHSC)
Date: Jul 24, 2015 12:30PM

The only requirement is that you leave the user with the ability to increase the size by 200%. Best practice is to specify the font-size using em so that the font size can be adjusted independently of browser magnification.

Within our organization we recommend a minimum font size of 12pt for readability. We also have a preference for san-serif fonts that offer the most difference between easily confused characters like a lower case "l" and upper case "I" and the number 1. Our current standard is Verdana.

Mike Moore
Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Civil Rights Office
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Is there a minimum font-size for readability in WCAG 2.0 AA?

I received some htmls that I need to produce with such tiny font-size I have trouble reading it.

I need to justify any changes to the design.