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Re: no paragraphs in divs


From: _mallory
Date: Jul 27, 2015 12:15AM

On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 11:02:28PM +0100, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
I've noticed NVDA will treat text that is broken into multiple lines
is treated as separate lines. Which kinda sucks when you have something
like a button where the text wrapped to two lines; sometimes it sounds
like two separate links/buttons when it's in fact one.


> On 25/07/2015 22:04, Guy Hickling wrote:
> >Assistive technology reacts to
> >paragraphs (eg screen readers may pause very slightly, and/or change
> >inflexion, at the end of a paragraph, but they don't do that for divs. Your
> >3 sentances would have been run together.
> Just doing some very cursory testing, this isn't quite accurate.
> Doing a simple "read all" with NVDA and JAWS in Firefox and IE,
> <div>foo</div>
> <div>bar</div>
> is read out exactly the same (same pause, inflection) as
> <p>foo</p>
> <p>bar</p>
> For what it's worth, a notable inflection (to denote the end of a
> sentence) isn't caused by the presence or absence of a <p> element,
> but rather punctuation. Again
> <div>foo.</div>
> <div>bar.</div>
> and
> <p>foo.</p>
> <p>bar.</p>
> are announced the same, now both with a lowering/inflection to
> signify the end of a sentence.
> P
> --
> Patrick H. Lauke