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Re: Text over images


From: _mallory
Date: Jul 30, 2015 2:44AM

I'm seeing this too, and am losing the battle with the graphic
designer on our own website. Pretty much nothing is readable.

For more level heads, you might be able to offer both: I'll bet it's
not much more than a few lines of code to offer users a button where
they can replace the images with solid background colours.

Or, behind most images ought to be a solid colour, so the images can
get a class making them display: none.

This way it's easy for developers to fix, it gives at least the
possibility of control to users, and lets the graphics-people
have their unreadable-but-hip-looking cake.

So not so much of a "you can't do this because it defeats the whole
purpose of the website!" but a "This is a problem but here's a
possible fix that shouldn't cost devs much time." Maybe even make
the button sticky to the side of the page like some sites do with
social media buttons.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 07:43:36PM +0000, <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
> I’m seeing a design direction that concerns me where HTML text is laid over a translucent field of color that is layered over an image.
> The text is usually white over a darker background. Sometimes it’s simply the busy-ness of the two together that presents a cognitive challenge, a reading/focus conflict between the image and the text where neither is sufficiently distinct.
> Our target is AA compliance. Sometimes I can use color contrast as an argument not to do this, darkening the translucent field to achieve better contrast. We can strive for the AAA requirement "1.4.8 Visual Presentation" but I don’t have a “stick" I can use to get that done. I only have a “carrot” where I try to explain the challenge for folks with cognitive issues, attention deficit, universal design principles, etc.
> I also try something like “which do you want your audience to read – the text or the image?” In the current applications that I’m seeing, both means neither are readable.
> Is this a battle I should be waging? If yes, suggestions? If no, why?
> Thanks,
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