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Re: Text over images


From: Chaals McCathie Nevile
Date: Aug 4, 2015 9:46PM

Yes, you should be fighting these battles.

Whatever WCAG says, the point is that they make things disappear by being

Some stuff is just common sense, and doesn't need a WCAG checkpoint, like
"don't hide everything by making it too small to see". Hmmm. Which
demonstrates why WCAG should be updated not to rely on common sense :(


On Fri, 31 Jul 2015 12:11:36 -0400, John E Brandt < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

> @mallory - ditto "losing the battle" - this and low contrast are my pet
> peeves. What's with all the gray!
> http://jebswebs.net/blog/2013/07/whats-with-all-the-gray/
> ~j
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> Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2015 4:44 AM
> Subject: Re: [WebAIM] Text over images
> I'm seeing this too, and am losing the battle with the graphic designer
> on our own website. Pretty much nothing is readable.
> For more level heads, you might be able to offer both: I'll bet it's not
> much more than a few lines of code to offer users a button where they
> can replace the images with solid background colours.
> Or, behind most images ought to be a solid colour, so the images can get
> a class making them display: none.
> This way it's easy for developers to fix, it gives at least the
> possibility of control to users, and lets the graphics-people have their
> unreadable-but-hip-looking cake.
> So not so much of a "you can't do this because it defeats the whole
> purpose of the website!" but a "This is a problem but here's a possible
> fix that shouldn't cost devs much time." Maybe even make the button
> sticky to the side of the page like some sites do with social media
> buttons.
> _mallory
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 07:43:36PM +0000,
> <EMAIL REMOVED> wrote:
>> I’m seeing a design direction that concerns me where HTML text is laid
>> over a translucent field of color that is layered over an image.
>> The text is usually white over a darker background. Sometimes it’s
>> simply the busy-ness of the two together that presents a cognitive
>> challenge, a reading/focus conflict between the image and the text
>> where neither is sufficiently distinct.
>> Our target is AA compliance. Sometimes I can use color contrast as an
>> argument not to do this, darkening the translucent field to achieve
>> better contrast. We can strive for the AAA requirement "1.4.8 Visual
>> Presentation" but I don’t have a “stick" I can use to get that done. I
>> only have a “carrot” where I try to explain the challenge for folks
>> with cognitive issues, attention deficit, universal design principles,
>> etc.
>> I also try something like “which do you want your audience to read –
>> the text or the image?” In the current applications that I’m seeing,
>> both means neither are readable.
>> Is this a battle I should be waging? If yes, suggestions? If no, why?
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