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Categorizing browser history behavior


From: Jordan Wilson
Date: Aug 26, 2015 10:28AM

I have a client whose legacy sites have a habit of taking over the browser
history of pages and adding in forwarding redirects that prevent a user
from going back to the previous link. Definitely something to fix. I
believe some of the functionality is server session based, so it takes
control away from the user. Realistically clicking the logo to go back to
the beginning is the best way to reset, not that its accurate or obvious.

As an example, a user on the login page clicks a register button and is
forwarded to the registration page, but once there no matter how many
times they hit the back button, they¹re redirected forward to the
registration page again even if they go all the way back to the initial
page in their site history.

Does anyone have a recommendation for how to assign that behavior using
WCAG 2.0?
Keyboard? Keyboard Trap? Pause Stop Hide? I¹m having a bit of difficulty
designating since its between page rather than on-page functionality.

I personally want to file it under something like Consistent Navigation
since its changing the expected behavior of the browser back button but I
don¹t know that it fits.

Recommendations appreciated,