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RE: Can I use TDs with IDs and headers, instead of TH


From: Rachel
Date: Mar 13, 2003 3:10PM

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

> My main concern is to _avoid_ using HEADERS. In the
> SCOPE approach, such a
> cell would have scope="row" and it would appear in a
> column where another
> cell has scope="col", making it clear that it is a
> header cell which
> itself has a header cell. But if we take the specs,
> including the comment
> in the DTD, quite literally, we _must not_ use
> scope="row", since
> that would require <th ...>MyTitle</th>, and the
> title is surely
> "data proper", too.

Thanks, as always, for your long and thoughtful reply.
Bear with me here, because I have been working long
hours on little sleep lately, so my brain is slow.

Are you saying that the spec says you shouldn't use
scope attribute with TDs? And that therefore in your
example you couldn't do TD scope=row on data like
"MyTitle" that serves both as data and a row

Here's another question altogether:

Is it OK to mix the use of scope and ID/Headers in one
data table?

<TH scope="row" headers="s1">MyArticle1</TH>
MyArticle1 would serve as the row's identifier, and
there is another TH elsewhere in the table that serves
as an identifier for MyArticle1.

(Jukka I understand your point that it's best to avoid
the use of headers altogether, but sometimes it's

Thanks again everybody, for your help.

Rachel Sengers

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