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Re: NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA accessibility testing updates?


From: Gijs Veyfeyken
Date: Aug 31, 2015 2:18AM

Mollom (https://www.mollom.com/ <https://www.mollom.com/>) uses the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie,...), making the audiocaptcha very easy to solve, even if you're hard of hearing.
Live example at the bottom of this page (Dutch):
https://www.bestuurszaken.be/nieuws/gezocht-collega%E2%80%99s-om-mee-te-sparren <https://www.bestuurszaken.be/nieuws/gezocht-collega%E2%80%99s-om-mee-te-sparren>

They've also switched from a Flash-button to an HTML5 audio player. So I think we can consider this accessible.
But SPAM-prevention that doesn't require an action from the user is still the best way to go (honeypot, time analysis or other).

Kind regards,


Gijs Veyfeyken
AnySurfer - towards an accessible internet
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Brussels - Belgium