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Re: IAAP Certification Update


From: Léonie Watson
Date: Sep 13, 2015 4:11AM

> From: WebAIM-Forum On Behalf Of Jennison Mark Asuncion
> Sent: 13 September 2015 01:36
> My question is what specific jobs does the IAAP envision someone holding
> an Associate Level certification being able to obtain? Or, is IAAP's thinking
> that someone would have to obtain both the Associate Level and one of the
> other planned certifications in order to help them secure employment in
> accessibility?

These are good questions. As the organisation intending to become the professional body for accessibility professionals, it might be a useful activity to define the typical roles and responsibilities within our industry.

It's relatively easy to find typical descriptions for software developers, support technicians, forensic engineers, systems administrators, graphic designers etc. It would be useful to have a set of descriptions for both accessibility exclusive roles, and for accessibility responsibilities within other roles.

From there it might be easier for people in our profession (and those wanting to join it) to understand the potential career paths ahead of them, and to know which type of education might be most appropriate.

If IAAP has done this already and I've missed it, my apologies.