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Re: Issue with on-screen keypad in IOS


From: Sailesh Panchang
Date: Sep 23, 2015 1:39PM

I believe the issue is moot now.
Above the keyboard on an iPhone and my mini iPad now running iOS9.01
and iOS8.4 (respectively) I can navigate to a forward / Back or Next
and previous button pair that fairly reliably move focus to the next /
prev form field.
When on the first / last field, the back / next button is disabled respectively.
On the keyboard there is a Go / Done button via which one can submit
the form or one can activate the submit button on the form.
The iPhone never had a dismiss keyboard feature AFAIK.
In earlier versions of iOS on the iPad I had not seen the prev / next
button above the keyboard. So I'd dismiss the keyboard, move to
activate the next form control and step through the form.

On 9/23/15, Jonathan Avila < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>>> So when one dismisses the keyboard the focus should go back to the
>>> field that had focus or the next focusable element.
> I emailed accessibility at Apple about this with steps to reproduce and a
> test page and got the following respond
> "We are unable to reproduce any unexpected behavior in our testing. The
> issue that your having is either device or content specific".
> Has anyone else had any luck?
> Jonathan
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> Actually, there is a 'Next' button and a 'Done' button above the keyboard
> even in 8.4 iOS.
> In earlier versions I had not found these and had not looked again.
> The Next button does move focus to the next form field and the button is
> disabled when one is on the last form field and then only Done is enabled.
> Thanks Cliff for making me look at this again. I had looked at for the
> dismiss /next button in iOS7 as well as iOS 8.1 and, not having seen them
> had not looked again!
> Sailesh
> On 9/18/15, Jonathan Avila < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> iOS 9 on the iPhone appears to add a done button to the keyboard at
>> top right for input fields on web pages in addition to the return button.
>> The focus position however is still lost after tapping the done button
>> Jonathan
>> Sent from my iPhone
>>> On Sep 17, 2015, at 5:01 PM, Sailesh Panchang
>>> wrote:
>>> Subhash,
>>> Sure this is an issue while filling out any form on a mobile
>>> platform that I have always encountered as a screen reader user.
>>> I am referring to forms with multiple text boxes one after another
>>> including just a username and password field.
>>> When the form has two or more fields, the application cannot guess
>>> that one has finished entering data ... unless it is a standard
>>> phone# or date field and such.
>>> On an iPad one can dismiss the keyboard but not on an iPhone because
>>> there is no dismiss keyboard key.
>>> So when one dismisses the keyboard the focus should go back to the
>>> field that had focus or the next focusable element.
>>> Sailesh Panchang
>>>> On 9/17/15, Paul J. Adam < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>>>> These are bugs with iOS VoiceOver. Please file a bug report with Apple.
>>>> They
>>>> fixed a few of mine recently. I filed one not fixed related to
>>>> <select> controls not sending focus to the picker view when you
>>>> expand the select on iPhone and when you close the picker the focus
>>>> is not returned to the triggering element instead the focus is lost
>>>> to the top of the page and the user would have to swipe all the way
>>>> back to where they were.
>>>> On iPad when you expand a select control the focus is trapped in the
>>>> pop over view which is great, but the focus is still lost to the top
>>>> of the page after dismissing the pop over.
>>>> I've not looked into manually sending focus where you want it to go
>>>> with JavaScript.
>>>> Paul J. Adam
>>>> Accessibility Evangelist
>>>> www.deque.com
>>>>> On Sep 17, 2015, at 1:24 AM, Subhash Chhetri
>>>>> < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi Accessibility Experts,
>>>>> Today I'm stuck in one issue in IOS. - Actually I'm filling an html
>>>>> form in IOS with Voice over, and I'm using on-screen keypad not the
>>>>> physical one. So the problem I'm facing is that when I finish
>>>>> typing in any form field and pressing Hide keyboard button located
>>>>> at the right end of on-screen keypad, focus doesn't move directly
>>>>> to the edit field, it remains anywhere in application.
>>>>> This is so frustrating that I have to go back to the form fields
>>>>> either by flicking left/right on screen or by selecting forms via
>>>>> roter.
>>>>> Is there anything I'm missing? Or it's a behavior of IOS.
>>>>> Thanks
>>>>> Best Regards,
>>>>> Subhash Chhetri
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