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Re: yet more questions


From: Reidy Brown
Date: Aug 17, 2001 11:47AM

Device dependent handlers will usually have an actual device name in the
event handler name, like onMouseOver or onKeyPress. An example of a
"logical" event handler would be "onSelect," or "onFocus," or "onBlur"-- in
other words, you're interested in what's happened to the element, not what
caused it to happen. You care that the element has gained or lost focus or
that it has been selected. You don't care whether someone used a mouse or a
keyboard to make it happen.
(Although in practice, many user agents (browsers) are pretty good at
translating device dependent handlers to logical handlers on the fly.)
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I've figured out the device independent concept enough to bluff it. What's
throwing me for a loop is "logical". What does that word mean in this
context? You use "more generic". That makes sense to me.