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JavaScript library for display and customization of keyboard shortcuts?


From: Robert Fentress
Date: Oct 29, 2015 11:58AM

Hello, all.

I was wondering if anyone was aware of an open source JavaScript library
that provides keyboard-only users the ability to view and change keyboard
shortcuts. It would work something like this:

- After the skip link would be a visible keyboard button.
- When the button receives focus a tooltip appears that says something
like "view/change keyboard shortcuts for page navigation and common
- Activating the button launches a modal dialog with fields for each
named (aria-label or aria-labelledby) landmark region, plus fields for any
functions the developer has exposed.
- The fields already contain default keyboard shortcuts, but with one of
these fields in focus, pressing a key combination changes the default value
to whatever is pressed.
- Ideally, it would include functions that allowed for persisting these
values across sessions.

How about it? Anybody know of anything like this? Ideally, it would be a
jQuery plugin or AngularJS module, but anything like this would do.


Robert Fentress
Senior Accessibility Solutions Designer

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