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Re: PDF accessibility


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Oct 30, 2015 8:54AM

> I am working on making PDFs from my organisation more accessible. As we have a very large amount of documents, I would like to make sure of what is really mandatory to help visually impared, and what isn't. So far, I think that the 5 elements listed below are the most important. Does anyone thinks we are missing something really important?
> - Define title of document and show it
> - Define heading titles
> - Mark background images as background
> - Links from real words, and not "click here"
> - Image alt text
> Thank you very much for your opinion.

Off-the-cuff, if I was to make a list of the 5 "most important" things, and assuming these are documents and not forms, the list might look more like:

1 Ensure PDF documents are tagged
2 Ensure all semantically significant content is tagged
3 Ensure the tags are in the correct logical reading order
4 Ensure the tags are semantically correct
5 Ensure content tagged as <Figure> includes alternative text, or ActualText, as appropriate