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Re: Fixing WAI's writing styleDoes WCAG require ...


From: Duff Johnson
Date: Nov 25, 2015 2:04PM

Hi Bevi,

Something I want to clarify….

> PDF/UA is fairly well-written and understandable.
> WCAG is not. Pure computer-techno-babble gobblygook.

I fear that anyone non-technical would also regard PDF/UA as "pure computer-techno babble gobblygook" - and not unjustly.

The difference, in this context, is that PDF/UA is not intended to be read by end-users, authors, etc. The document is exclusively aimed at software-developers. Users are expected to encounter PDF/UA by virtue of its requirements expressed in conforming application software. I do not expect (and would not reccomend) that authors and other end users buy the specification with the hopes of either (a) great writing or (b) useful insights into making accessible PDF documents.