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Check your Webpage for Accessibility


From: Crystal Allen
Date: Nov 1, 1999 4:52PM

I came across an interesting site that I have found very useful in
validating my webpages. The site
is hosted by CITA (Center for Information Technology Accommodation) and is a
compilation of valuable tools for use in checking the accessibility of your
After you enter in the URL for your site, you can use tools including Bobby,
HTML validators, Lnyx Viewers, and a CSS validator to evaluate your site.
In addition you can look at other sites that claim to meet various
accessibility standards including BOBBY approved, HTML 4.0 compliant, and
WCAG A, AA, and AAA.
Happy developing to you, Crystal Allen
Note: if the above URL does not work try http://w3.gsa.gov/web/m/cita.nsf
then click on the "UPDATED! Version 2.0: Check Your Webpage for
Accessibility" link located under the under the heading "Featured Links".