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Re: Float labels


From: Moore,Michael (Accessibility) (HHSC)
Date: Dec 11, 2015 7:45AM

Can these float labels be configured to provide information to screen reading software to determine the accessible name for the input? Can they be positioned in a manner where they are usable for people using screen magnification? Do they have sufficient contrast? What happens to them on a mobile device?

Mike Moore
Accessibility Coordinator
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Civil Rights Office
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> Are float labels WCAG-compliant?

I assume you are referring to small field labels that appear after a field has data entered into where previously the label was a placeholder. I support this design pattern as a way to meet SC 3.3.2 because IMO placeholder alone are not sufficient because they disappear when the field as input. I find with browser toolbars that many fields get auto populated and there needs to be a visual label present for the user to know what the field is for.


Jonathan Avila
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Subject: [WebAIM] Float labels


Are float labels WCAG-compliant?
Normal visible label elements are better, I know.
Just trying to figure out if it fails or not.

http://mds.is/float-label-demo/ <http://mds.is/float-label-demo/>; http://mozmonkey.com/wp-content/files/PlaceholderLabels/ <http://mozmonkey.com/wp-content/files/PlaceholderLabels/>;



Gijs Veyfeyken
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