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Re: Web Accessibility training


From: Guy Hickling
Date: Dec 11, 2015 11:23AM


Given that most of your designers and developers are contracted, trying to
"implement a program that requires that anyone who touches content,
including applications, have the appropriate training" might not be easy.
On the other hand that same contractual relationship gives you alternative
ways to obtain output from them that is compliant.

One method would simply to make compliance to Section 508 a requirement in
the contracts you sign with outside agencies. That approach is used in the
UK by many government departments. Likewise when employing contract staff,
put the requirement into your job advertisements, though you would have to
test the applicants before appointment to ensure their claims of
accessibility knowledge are actually valid, and not simply based on adding
alt texts to images or something!

You could also create a list of development standards, listing all the
specific development rules you want them to follow, and give the list to
every developer (in-house or under contract or agency employed) who works
with you.

Another way might be the more informal, but equally firm, approach: "You're
previous work has been found not to be accessible according to Section 508
standards, which is required by law. We rely on you, as web design
agencies, to get this right for us!" (for this I assume you're agency is
subject to 508?).

Guy Hickling