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Re: Float labels


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Dec 21, 2015 6:55PM

On 21/12/2015 23:54, Guy Hickling wrote:
> Steve, I think I'm inclined to agree with you. It's a neat looking
> mechanism but doesn't actually offer much - other than potential for
> forgetting the accessibility requirements! The first example given, the
> http://mds.is/float-label-demo/ one, didn't even save space as the fields
> allowed plenty of space between them for permanent labels.

Well, leaving aside the fact that us arguing over whether or not we
subjectively think the technique to be valuable or not is fairly futile,
as there clearly are designers/developers out there that DO think it has
merit as demonstrated by the fact they're actually using it, I'd offer a
(again, subjective, as we're really in the territory of UX, visual
design, and taste) counter argument here that these floating labels
actually do provide something: they make an initially empty form appear
visually harmonious, rather than a big expanse of label+blank form
control - immediately cutting in half the amount of elements that a user
has to take in visually at first glance; they also allow for a much
subtler, or even completely absent, border around the actual form
controls themselves; and arguably, the animated appearance of the
floating label once the user focuses on the form control adds a bit of
visual flair and visual confirmation that they're now focusing
on/interacting with that particular control.

Taking an "I don't think it's useful anyway" approach to something that
is actually being used is perhaps not the most productive of responses,
as I doubt it'll sway the minds of those who ARE using it. Neither is
"...and they'll forget to make it accessible", as that could be said
about any technique that deviates from using absolutely standard static

IMO of course,

Patrick H. Lauke

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